Be an Advocate and FUNdraiser!

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.   Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.”    Proverbs 31:8-9

Would you like to help Reach Out Honduras, but cannot Give or Go?   How about being a Reach Out Honduras Advocate?   You can be a voice for the poor and fatherless in Puerto Lempira, Honduras!    It can be as simple as e-mailing your friends with a link to this website or as large of commitment as planning an event to highlight the needs of Honduran orphans.   After your event is complete, submit photos and a description of your success and we will share it on this website!

Here are a few other ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

Ideas to Inspire Children to Participate and Learn about Giving

  • Read a book for Reach Out Honduras – Share the Reach Out Honduras story with your class, scout troop, AWANA or youth group, and then ask the kids to collect pledges from friends and relatives, who agree to pay a quarter or a dollar (or more) for each book the child reads during the four weeks of the program.   Donate money to one of the homes for children that Reach Out Honduras works with.
  • Offer to do chores, such as raking leaves or walking someone’s dog, with the funds you raise going to Reach Out Honduras.
  • Hold a car wash with proceeds to benefit a certain orphanage or children’s home through Reach Out Honduras.
  • Have your class or youth group put on a play or activity explaining about children in need.  Charge admission or sell snacks.  Include statistics on hunger, and poverty in Honduras. This is an excellent way to teach children and adults the truth about poverty and to raise money for  Reach Out Honduras at the same time.
  • Hold a walk-a-thon, bike race or dance marathon. Collect pledges for each mile or hour to be donated to Reach Out Honduras.
  • Make small, handmade gifts or holiday cards and sell them. Alternatively, hold a raffle for larger, more expensive hand-made items, such as a quilt or dollhouse.

Ideas for All Ages – Things to do with a group or for one individual

  • Host a dessert party and speak on Reach Out Honduras’ mission… we can help with materials and video
  • Organize a golf tournament with proceeds going to Reach Out Honduras
  • Produce a cookbook. Collect favorite recipes into a cookbook that can be produced and sold for Reach Out Honduras.
  • Organize a silent auction, where you get products and certificates for services donated to the auction from friends and stores in your area and you have folks bid on these. A silent auction can be done anywhere. A school or church hallway, a dinner or a group get together.  You could even do it at your house and invite folks for dessert and to bid on the auction items!
  • Organize a Yard Sale. Publicize the event and use the opportunity to also share the story of Reach Out Honduras. Ask friends and churches for  donations with all profits going to the kids at Reach Out Honduras.
  • Organize a Restaurant night. Contact local restaurants and see if for one evening they will donate profits from their meals to Reach Out Honduras.   Advertise the night and give out tickets so folks remember when and where, it is.
  • Host a beauty party or spa night. Ask for donations to go to Reach Out Honduras.
  • Host a game night. Play card games, WII games, anything the group will enjoy. Have each attendee donate a certain dollar amount to Reach Out Honduras.
  • Have your group sell a product for Reach Out Honduras. There are many fundraising organizations that sell bread, Christmas wreaths, etc..
  • Host a dinner party or BBQ and ask for donations to go to Reach Out Honduras, this is a great way to see friends and family and to share the Reach Out Honduras story.
  • Be a speaker at service organizations and/or church groups. Share the story of Reach Out Honduras with other groups. Many organizations are looking for speakers. Feel free to call them and ask if you can speak at their luncheon or meeting. Use the Reach Out Honduras materials to share the story and tell the organization of the need. Ask for donations if people feel compelled to give or just simply share your testimony along with the ministry of Reach Out Honduras. Being a speaker can take just a few hours a month but helps spread the news of Reach Out Honduras and get others to participate.
  • Ask Friends and Family to help you Reach a Donation Goal – send out a note asking people to help you raise funds for Reach Out Honduras by making donations. Tell them your goal, (say $100, $500 or more) and explain to them why this is something you believe in and want to do.   Have them give you donations by written check or making donations on line using pay pal (online secure visa payment process). This will allow many folks to participate. If they designate online have them tell you how much they donate so that you can periodically send out an update on how the donation project is going. Remember to thank them and tell them when you reach your goal!
  • Give donations to Reach Out Honduras as birthday presents and Christmas Gifts. This allows your friends and family to learn about the orphanages and be given a gift that means so much more to all.

If you would like more information on designing your own event, or if  you have a creative fundraising idea of our own to share, e-mail    We want to highlight you or your organization.  Please take lots of pictures and write a description of your event and we will post it on our website.   Thank you and may God richly bless your desire and effort to help the children of Puerto Lempira, Honduras!

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