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Alex & Laura Waits

Fruitful cross-cultural ministry is based on a mutual respect between one human being and another.   An attempt, however small, to learn the language of the people you hope to serve, is a statement that you value that person and their unique culture.

Our family uses Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) with Audio Companion for our primary preparation tool.  We do love it.

The newest version of Rosetta Stone, version 3, is outstanding and covers all language learning areas.  It is a computer-based immersion program.   While our toddlers cannot use the program well, they do ask to ‘do my ‘panish’ and we work on very, very basic vocabulary with them.   Our 6 year old is doing a fantastic job and our 9 year old is rockin’ and rollin’ and putting us old folks to shame!

Additionally, we purchased the book 501 Spanish Verbs at Half Price Books and are attempting to learn 5 new verbs per week and 10 new nouns per week.

Some fun ways to strengthen basic Spanish can include:

  • You Tube – videos for kids… (Pocoyo, Sesame Street, etc.)
  • Spanish praise music – we love our Gen X cds
  • Spanish books for kids – can buy for cheap at 1/2 Price Books or on e-bay
  • Find a friend who speaks Spanish and barter with them to speak only in Spanish with your family

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I thought I read somewhere (maybe on your other blog) that you were going to language school. Where will that be? For how long?

Reach Out Honduras
March 24, 2010 8:24 pm

Hi Amy! Boy, I feel like I haven’t visited with you in blogland in a long time! Yes, we are going to language school, but only for 2 months. We want to be in Puerto Lempira as soon as possible. Our prep work is lots of fun. I’ve been reading up on your blog, even though not commenting. Good stuff. Praying for the new life that will soon arrive at your place. In Christ, Laura


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