Father of 5 For a Day!

I have been blessed with four wonderful children:   three boys and one beautiful girl.  On our latest trip to Honduras, I was actually the father of five for one day during Honduras’ celebration of Father’s day.  I was given the honor of being Orchito’s Daddy during his Kindergarten class party to celebrate Father’s Day.

Orchito is a loving five-year old who lives at the House of Hope.   Orchito does many things that any typical 5-year old would do.   However, Orchito has yet to find his voice …  he speaks only a few words.   Despite this, Orchito has the ability to charm a crowd with his beautiful smile and big eyes.   I was one of three Gringos that day that had the opportunity to stand in as surrogate fathers for children from the House of Hope.

After we arrived at his school, Orchito grabbed my hand and took me into his classroom.  It didn’t have lights or electricity and the balloons that were hung the day before had popped due to a storm and wind, but to him it was his school and he was proud of it.  Likewise, I was not a stranger from another country to Orchito; I was his father for a day or at least a few hours.  After meeting his teacher, we found a seat with the rest of the group and Orchito jump onto my lap for the duration of the fun.  He held my hand and rubbed my arm the whole time.  He occasionally looked up at me smiled and laid his head on my chest.  We were treated with skits, plays, songs and a wonderful lunch.  Yes, we looked a lot different than the Honduran fathers, but  we were just as proud!

We have only been home for week now, but I already miss my boys: Orchito, Charlie, David, Michael and Cinco……and the list goes on and on.  We have many areas we hope to impact during our time in Puerto Lempira.   These young men are a huge part of God’s calling.  They are the future of La Moskitia.   When we relocate to Puerto Lempira in 2010,  I want to be a father figure and point them to their Father in Heaven.    I hope to teach them the things that my father taught me:  how to fix a bike, use carpentry tools, repair an engine and catch fish.     These skills can serve them for a lifetime, in addition to being potential income sources right there in Puerto Lempira.

And Dad, thanks for being there for all the lessons taught, games attended, and ups and downs!  You made me a better man and father.

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