Legos in Action!

Alex & Laura Waits

“During our spring break trip, all of the kids were so attached to the Legos.  They were so creative, and they were happy to see that we brought Legos for them.  Thank you to all of the donors who were generous enough to give us the Legos to hand out.   I’m really hoping to give Legos to all of the kids of Puerto Lempira.   I also want to help them further with their building.” – Aidan

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What a blessing you are. You truly have such a giving spirit. You saw a need and filled in the gap. You are an inspiration.




God has to be smiling about what you are doing. He has given us the challenge to reach all people with the truth about who He is, and you have made a way to do that with something as simple as Lego’s. Without a doubt that is creativity at it’s best! You keep up the good work. And know that I prayed for you today and for the work God has for you…not just now…but as you grow into the man He has destined you to be! Continue in strong faith friend and know that I pray for you often…



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