Spring Break 2010 – The Trip

Alex & Laura Waits

Love…  Serve… Live.

Those 3 words sum up our Spring Break 2010 trip.   From our gathering at the airport ticket counter on March 13, 2010 to the landing in DFW on March 20 as snow arrived, our team displayed the heart of flexibility, love and service.     Through moments of challenge, cultural ignorance, laughter, heartbreaking sadness and sickness… we  ‘lived’ in the most basic, yet fulfilling, sense of the word.

This trip started out as a planning trip for our upcoming permanent relocation to La Moskitia.   After casually mentioning on facebook that folks could join us, we had a few adventurous souls come to join in on the fun.

Puerto Lempira is a very special place.   It is part of the region called  La Moskitia, Honduras.  Mention to a Honduran that you are going to La Moskitia and they display the most unpleasant of faces.   La Moskitia is called by our dentist friend, Dr. Tom Brian, the ‘Land of the Forgotten People.’   Even Hondurans consider La Moskitia unworthy of a visit.

Our group, however,  loved Puerto Lempira and loved the two homes we visited, House of Hope and Mama Tara’s Miskito Orphanage.  We stayed at the House of Hope …  the first night 4 of our ladies had the opportunity to spend a sleepless, noisy, heat-saturated night inside the orphanage.   They were troopers and were keenly aware that this is how the kids at House of Hope sleep every night.   The remainder of the trip all of us, except our fearless Brian, slept in the missionary quarters at the House of Hope with another team from New York.

We arrived on Monday to a muggy, hot day.   The reunion with these sweet children for Alex and Laura was confirmation… confirmation of God’s plan to relocate our family to Puerto Lempira;  a plan that appears absolutely crazy to many, but perfectly normal to us.   The faces of our little friends were filled with recognition and acceptance.     We rejoice and praise God that He reminded us almost immediately of His love for all of us.

Our 4 days in Puerto Lempira were filled with carpentry work, electrical work, bathing babies, shampooing heads to rid of lice, building with Legos, soccer with children, and love.

We spent wonderful time at Mama Tara’s sharing the news of sponsors for many of the remaining children.   Our teachers were able to visit with the tutor at Mama Tara’s and share school supplies donated by U.S. children.    There were pen pal letters delivered and written in return.    There were promises of prayers and return visits.  There were smiles.

Each person who went has a different perspective of the week; a piece of a larger story to tell.   We hope that they will share their thoughts to encourage more to join hands with ours to  pray with us, to go with us and to give to support in the work God is already doing in Puerto Lempira.   We look forward to arriving in Honduras in August ready to learn spanish and add our hands to the mix!

To see more pictures, join the Facebook group REACH OUT HONDURAS!

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