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Alex & Laura Waits

“And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ..”    Colossians 4:3

Throughout the ages, Christian missions has been the work of many.  There are those that go, yes, and live permanently among people unlike themselves.  But, more importantly, there are those who literally lift up others from afar on the wings of prayer.

Reach Out Honduras = 1 Magnificent, Powerful and Personal God + the hands and feet of a family of 6 who deeply love Him +  hundreds of Christian friends who pray!, give! and go! to join in God’s work in Puerto Lempira, Honduras.

Reach Out Honduras Prayer Team is comprised of individuals and families who pray alongside us for the specific needs of the ministry and our family.   To receive our prayer updates and newsletters, please Contact Us and we will put you on the list. (Your e-mail will not be displayed for public viewing!) Currently, we have around 75 people on our prayer team…   We are trusting God for a Prayer Team of 100 people or more!

The Reach Out Honduras Prayer Team is a powerful group of prayer warriors.   Please allow this Prayer Team to lift you and your family up, too!  E-mail your prayer requests to Prayer Coordinator and indicate whether they can be distributed to our larger Prayer Team.

Ongoing Waits Family Prayer Needs:

Our Relationships with God

  • God’s Word – may our roots be deep in God’s Word
  • Prayer – may we be people who pray without ceasing
  • Guidance – may the Holy Spirit go before us and guide us on a daily basis
  • Spiritual Growth – may we all be maturing in our walk and may God produce the fruit!

Our Physical and Emotional Needs

  • Health
  • Physical Safety
  • Protection against discouragement, loneliness, homesickness and all other emotional challenges

Our Family Relationships

  • Alex & Laura – may our marriage grow stronger and our dependence upon the Lord and one other increase
  • Aidan, Arlee, Adam & Aaron – may we be united in our calling to serve and may our kids grow in love for one another and others
  • Homeschooling Challenges

Cultural Sensitivity & Language

  • Fluency in Spanish & gradual learning of the Miskito language
  • Sensitivity to cultural differences and grace in all situations
  • That God would plant a deep love in our hearts for the Miskito people
  • That the Miskito people would be willing to form friendships with our family

Ministry Opportunities

  • House of Hope – Christian home for disabled children of Puerto Lempira
  • Mama Tara’s Orphanage
  • Familia Alestero – Extended family of 28 children being cared for by 5 Tias
  • Neighborhood Feeding Program
  • Clean Water, Shelter & Health Initiatives
  • LEGOS of Love
  • Sports Outreach
  • Tutoring & Educational Outreach
  • Jungle Outreach and Ministry Opportunities
  • Short-Term Mission & Internship Program

Honduras & La Moskitia

  • Government – National and Local
  • Favor with the Honduran government both in customs and in Puerto Lempira
  • Please pray that international adoption in Honduras will open up once again… that corruption will be replaced by an authentic desire for the best interests of the children of Honduras
  • Visas & Paperwork – we will have to leave Honduras and renew our visas every 90 days.  This could amount to much expense and travel for us.   Please pray that we are able to secure a special permission to remain longer than 90 days.
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