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Alex & Laura Waits

**This is a letter from our friend, Wendy, who went to Puerto Lempira with us in March of 2010.

Dear Friend,

I want to tell you about an opportunity to help orphans in La Moskitia, Honduras, without even leaving your hometown.  The best part is, it’s free!

I was wholly changed by a recent missions trip to Honduras, and I have a passion to help the people I met there.  I also have a passion for couponing!   Two passions (couponing and children) coming together.

I am starting a weekly email with a target group of friends in the Dallas area.  Each week I will detail a sale (most likely at CVS or Walgreens) that, paired with a printable coupon and/or store coupons, will be free.  The goal is for friends to collect Health and Beauty items to donate to Reach Out Honduras ( to help orphans.  I am going to make it very simple so everyone can participate with ease, if they choose.

If you choose to opt-in please “purchase” at least one item for Reach Out Honduras, but feel free to get items for your family, too!

I will be the point person, but we will probably have others around the area who will also be organizing collections.

So, if you are interested, fill out the Contact Us form with the subject as “Subscribe to Coupons for a Cause.”

You can start this week with the following deal for the teenage girls at the House of Hope and Mama Tara’s Orphanage:

U by Kotex (14-18 ct. pads, 50-60 ct. liners, or 18 tampons)

Cost: $3.49

Use $1 printable coupon

Receive $2.50 in Register Rewards coupon

Final Price: FREE

This deal runs through the end of April.

You can use the Register Rewards on almost anything except for alcohol, tobacco, and the same item you purchased.

Thanks again for helping orphans.

In Christ,

Wendy S.

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Love the concept Wendy! I would like to opt in!……..PS- because I work for a division of Walgreens, I can get things (that aren’t a coupon item) at a discount. I have already been buying necessaries for Laura and Alex to take to Mama Tara’s, but if anyone wanted to donate money with specific thoughts in mind as to what they would like for me to buy, I would be happy to do so (with my discount opportunities) when I go in to make my purchases. ~ Liz


OPT IN for me, please!!! Okay now, Wendy…you may need to work with me on this concept!!! What an excellent idea!!! Let me know if you need any help collecting items or anything! I will have a ton of time after the next week is over!!! 😉 luv ya, A


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