Happy Birthday, Mama Tara!

Written by: Cathy Cantelli, Sponsorship Coordinator for Mama Tara’s here in the United States

Today is the birthday of a great lady. Her name is Florinda Flores Blas, also known as Mama Tara, which in the Mikito Indian language means, “ Big Mama”. Mama Tara is celebrating her 81st birthday today at the Mama Tara Miskito Orphanage, in Puerto Lempira, Honduras. Can you imagine for one minute taking care of a house full of noisy, energetic, needy, and orphaned children? This has to be something that God has told her to do, because most woman at that age have long since raised all their children, and maybe have even helped to raise their grandchildren, but very few are running an orphanage in a 3rd world country. Imagine living in the tropics with no airconditioner or running water, in house with very few modern conveniences.

I admire this monumental task that Mama Tara has undertaken and the Mama Tara Miskito Orphanage, Inc….USA,  has come alongside this noble woman to help her in caring for these 26 children.

***There are still children to be sponsored at Mama Tara’s.  Click this link for more information!

Please pray for Mama Tara:

1. Pray for her health.   She has been diagnosed with diabetes. She also suffers with arthritis in her hips.

2. Pray for wisdom  to know how to deal with all the drama of everyday life at an orphanage. She needs the wisdom of Solomon with the constant decision making that is required daily.

3. Pray for patience. Can you imagine dealing with at least ten 11 -15 year olds? Teenagers are a hard age for any adult to reach. There is sometimes tension between Mama Tara and this age group, because there is a huge gap in their ages and Mama Tara is very “old school” in  her approach, which exasperates some of the kids.

4. Pray for protection. We eventually would like to build a wall around the property, but that is still in the distant future. In the mean time we need to pray a hedge of protection, with angels surrounding the property.

5. Pray for continued provision. We are still trying to pay a debt which we incurred in the recent renovation of the original dorm and dining hall. We still owe around $5,000. This is nothing to God, who is our provider, but we need to pray for this provision to come in, before we can go on with further improvements and begin working on the much needed fence.

6. Pray for a replacement for Mama Tara. One day she will need to retire. We have been prayerfully searching for a godly, Christian couple who are called by the Lord to live in La Mosquitia, to live at the orphanage and take over for Mama Tara.

May the Lord richly bless you for all your support of Mama Tara and the children,

Cathy Cantelli…………Sponsorship

***There are still children to be sponsored at Mama Tara’s.  Click this link for more information!

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