New Children Need Sponsors! – updated again!

UPDATE: As of 5/30/2010,  2 more girls and one little boy now have sponsors!  Thank you, friends, for loving these children and making a HUGE commitment to show them the love of Christians in America.

UPDATE:  As of 4/9/2010,  only 2 of the previously named children need sponsors…  Praise God!   There are also 2 new teenage girls added below who need sponsorship as soon as possible!   Also… Mama Tara teasingly asked for a Madrina (godmother).  If you know of a Godly older woman who might like to be a special friend to Mama Tara, let us know!  THANK YOU!

Our friends at Mama Tara’s Orphanage are in need of sponsors.   The sponsorship program allows donors to choose from two levels of commitment:   a Guardian level or a Friendship level.   No matter the level, sponsors are urged to diligently pray for their sponsored child.


This program helps provide food, clothing, medical treatment, and school supplies to the children at Mama Tara Orphanage. For $1 a day ($30/month), you will help provide these basic life necessities to the orphans and you will also begin to build a personal relationship, via photos, letters and cards, with one or more of the children.   Sponsors are called a Madrina or Padrino (Godparent).   Each child can have only one sponsor family.  Correspondence with the child is required, gifts are encouraged and a visit to meet the child is strongly recommended.

The Guardian level of sponsorship is very interactive. Mama Tara’s desire is that a long-lasting bond will develop. This relationship can help be a source of security for the child just in knowing that there is some person or family that cares about him/her and is praying for their well being.   This level of sponsorship requires a reference from someone involved with Mama Tara’s.  (Our family will be happy to write a reference for our friends.)

If you are ready to sign up to be a sponsor in Mama Tara’s Guardian Sponsorship Program, or would like to learn more, please contact us.


This level of sponsorship is much more informal.  The ‘Friend’ can determine the amount they would like to contribute each month.  There are no requirements as to correspondence, but letters are certainly encouraged.   The child you choose would know you as ‘Friend’ and know that your relationship is different from their ‘Guardian.’

If you are ready to sign up to be a sponsor in Mama Tara’s Friendship Sponsorship Program, or would like to learn more, please contact us.

Waiting Children: (names changed to protect privacy)

Two new young ladies have arrived at Mama Tara’s Miskito Orphanage.    N (15) and her sister, E (14).  These two lovely girls are at a very important time in their lives.  It would be wonderful for them to have the encouragement and love of a Sponsor.

N – age 15 (sponsored!) 🙂

E – age 14

Along with the two new young ladies, there are 2 more children who spend their days at Mama Tara’s who still need sponsors.   C, age 5 is the son of Maricella, a helper at Mama Tara’s.  Yb, age 11 is one of Maricella’s younger siblings who lives with Maricella.

The reasons for the decision to find sponsors for children related to Maricella are as follows:   1. Maricella spends all day at the orphanage and brings the children with her  2. All six of them eat the food at the orphanage 3. On occasion some of them spend the night.  4. They receive gifts from the missionary teams that go down there for visits and they are included in all the activities at the orphanage. 5. They also are taught by Ebety, who is the tutor for Mama Tara’s  6. They may not be orphans, but since they are always at the orphanage it  would be nice for them to have sponsors who care for them, pray for them, and can sow the love of God into their lives.  7. The monthly donation would help defray the added cost of feeding and caring for these children.

C – age 5 (sponsored!) 🙂

R – age 12

Yb – age 11 (sponsored!) 🙂

“Our prayer is that each of these children come to know Jesus as their personal savior and that through the instruction of the missionaries that continue to go down and minister to them, they will have a great chance to overcome all of the obstacles that they face.”   – the Board of Directors of Mama Tara’s Orphanage

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Sara & Philip Macha
May 30, 2010 10:29 am

Laura – Mark’s brother and wife and kids are visiting us for Memorial Day weekend and Sara saw Adamir’s picture on our refrigerator. I told her about Mama Tara’s and being a sponsor and they would like to sponsor a child. She will sponsor any child but I told her to pick one so she said they would sponsor C. She has subscribed to your email list. Do you need to send her information to Cathy or should I? Let me know. Hope you are having a good weekend. Love you.



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