Books & Seeds… Bring Big Things

What do books & seeds have in common?  On the outside, not much.  On the inside, both books and seeds provide nourishment.   For Reach Out Honduras… books & seeds inspire gratitude this week.

You see, we have creative people in our lives.   No question.   And their creativity spills over into the way they serve.   (See this post) Pharmacists who donate medicine and supplies;   computer-savvy friends who donate time to help with this site;   teachers who donate sample Spanish curriculum;  successful business people who donate money so that a young couple can take a mission trip;   book lovers who share their passion for the written word by donating books and gardeners who have put together a treasure box of gardening supplies to help us with a big dream!!

Big dreams…   things that cannot be done without God showing up…  the stuff of faith.    We have many God-sized dreams for our time in Puerto Lempira.  One such thing is a book lending program for kids;  another is a gardening program that can furnish the children with much-needed veggies and possibly extend to the community.   Each of these programs offers its own opportunity to show Christ’s love in tangible ways.

Last week, out of the blue, we received an e-mail from a complete stranger in Missouri who read our website and felt led to join in this work.  Her love of Christ, heart for children-in-need and an interest in Honduras from her Honduran son-in-law propelled her to contact us and just get to know us.  Turns out, she loves books and found a passion-meets-serving area in buying 4 boxes of books for the book lending program that exists only in our dreams!   Today, we received the books, lovingly packed with a sticker of dedication and encouragement.  We are HONORED to take this gift to the children of Honduras.   Ms. Judy, we are so happy that God orchestrated our friendship as only He can.

And now for the seeds…  and other gardening supplies.    A friend called and said she had a few things for us to add to our boxes that are going out this weekend.   When I arrived at her lovely country home, I found a table full of goodies and my friend on her computer ordering MORE seeds.   She has researched every kind of plant that might grow in Honduras for the past few months… and she has ordered and vacuum-sealed the seeds for us.    And she taught me more in 2 hours about dirt, seeds and gardening than I (Laura) learned on my own as a gardener in 6 years!    THAT is why we need one another, friends.  We are not meant to go about this thing called life on our own.

We are within 16 days of departure!   Please pray for us as we cover new territory in our faith.

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How cool! What a treasure trove of amazing gifts.

Abigail Corff
July 28, 2010 1:03 pm

Hey! What y’all are doing is awesome and very inspiring! Praying for you and keeping up with y’all’s progress! Hook ’em Horns and God bless. ~Abigail


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