Adios a los Estados Unidos

It is here… the week we’ve been dreaming of for 18 months.   There are so many people to thank for their help in bringing God’s work to reality.   You know who you are… your time, talents and treasure has been shared so freely.   Your prayers have kept our feet moving on, sometimes from second-to-second.   A highlight of our last days was a potluck/prayer time at our own church.

What a sweet time of prayer from the mouths of those we love… those who know us like few others and those who pray us to our destination and back.    Peace.

On another note, Reach Out Honduras officially has a Board of Directors – 14 people with a variety of backgrounds and gifts coming together to add minds, hearts, hands and feet to the work God has prepared for gringos in Puerto Lempira, Honduras.  We will be posting pictures and bios of the Board so that you will know the people who hold us accountable and support us with their commitment.    There is an absolute sense of relief that these people can be the voice for Honduras when we aren’t physically present in the States.  We love each of them and their families who allow them to participate.

Our last weeks in the US have been full of emotion and challenges.   By the time you read this though, that part of the journey will be over and we will be flying south to begin language school.   Praise God for carrying us through many, many moments of faith-testing.

Hopefully, we will post often and share the specifics of our journey with you, our friends and family.

For the cause of Christ alone we go,

The Waits Family

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