Sponsor a Child at Familia Alastero Orphanage

When tragedy struck this extended family, 4 sisters joined together to take care of their 25 children.  18 of the children live in a one room house with 2 of the sisters.  8 older children live in another one room house with 2 of the sisters.     They have little in the way of material comfort, but they have great, obvious love for one another and a tremendous faith in God.   We believe you would be amazed if you could visit this home and hear these children sing praises to God.  It is truly an experience.

“This new sponsorship program offers 3 levels of sponsorships: for the younger children, a chance to have clean water, fruits and vegetables – $35 per month. For the high-school aged children, a chance to finish high school – $50 per month (2-3 sponsors needed per child – $100). And for the 2 college-aged Alasteros, a chance to go on to university – $50 per month (5-6 sponsors needed per child. $250-300)  (See Melchor below)

Sponsorships are for a minimum of one year, with payments made through either Paypal (see sidebar), Razoo or snail mail at P.O. Box 2993, McKinney, TX  75070. We will send out e-mail reminders monthly with the appropriate links for payment.  Sponsors will be able to communicate to their sponsored child via e-mail through the Waits family who lives in Puerto Lempira and works with Familia Alastero.

Additionally, we are starting an Education Fund which will be available to meet the needs of the children who do not have sponsors. Please consider donating any amount to this fund which will be distributed as the Reach Out Honduras Board allocates based on need, past work in school and future commitment to education.”

To sponsor a child, please select a child below and e-mail our Sponsorship Coordinator. For more information on our other Christmas Projects for 2010, click here.

Joshua - 2 years old

Elena - 12 years old


Magdalena - 11

Cindi - 10 years old

Carol - 10 years old

CAROL has a sponsor!  THANK YOU Waters family for loving this little one.  12/3/2010

Yasmina - 11 years old

Cesy - 9 years old

Mariza - 10 years old

MARIZA now has a sponsor… THANK YOU to Gigi from Texas!   12/3/2010

Ana Abigail - 11 years old

Dina - 16 years old - HIGH SCHOOL PROSPECT!

DINA WALESKA HAS ONE SPONSOR!   Thank you D&J Parker from Texas!  11/17/2010

She still needs one more family to be able to attend high school in February 2011!

Cesia Lilibeth - 16 years old - HIGH SCHOOL PROSPECT

Debora - 16 years old HIGH SCHOOL PROSPECT

Bernardo - 14 years old

Junior – 14 years old

Jose - 15 years old - HIGH SCHOOL PROSPECT

Melchor Alastero – COLLEGE-BOUND!!!

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