Feelin' the Love – Lego Style

Alex & Laura Waits

Early December brought a deluge of Legos.    The container holding all of our belongings arrived in Puerto Lempira!    After collecting Legos donated by generous kids across the country, Aidan was able to send 10 large buckets of Legos in this container.

Legos of Love kicked off its first distribution on Christmas Eve.   Aidan and some family members 🙂 loaded small bags with Legos and special cartoon Gospel tracts delivered by our Pastor Phil.    With much excitement, we all set out to share the Legos with kids at Mama Tara’s Miskito Orphanage and Familia Alastero.

Aidan’s perspective on the day… “Awesome!  I loved seeing the kids with looks of excitement on their faces.   They were concentrating so hard on building airplanes and houses.    It was amazing to see them all working together.    When I look at these children, I see special people.    God says to give to the poor and needy;  this is my way to do that.”

THANK YOU to everyone who donated Legos this year.    Aidan wants to collect more Legos to be able to distribute to more children throughout 2011.     If you would like to make a donation of Legos, please send them to Reach Out Honduras, P.O. Box 2993, McKinney, Texas  75070.

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WOW!!! That is such a phenomenal kiddo working for the Lord! LOVE LOVE LOVE this ministry!!!

Suzanne Rajkumar
January 6, 2011 10:01 am

Congratulations on your amazing work! I have been living in Honduras for the past 10 years and I work in Education with Adults. LEGOS for Love is an amazing contribution and I wish to add my voice to urge you on in your ministry. Our pastor said that it is his wish to visit la Moskitia and he declared that he will do so! Perhaps my stumbling across your efforts is providence. Hoping to contact you and share some of the projects we are also working on.


Aidan, that is absolutely right. What a great ministry you are performing, and I encourage you to keep up th good work.


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