5 more orphans in Puerto Lempira…

This afternoon, I (Alex) was faced with one of the tougher and uglier things I’ve had to stomach during my time here in La Moskitia.  I received a call from Katrina asking me if I could give her a ride to House of Hope (HOH) due to the murder of local nearby mother.  This mother of five had a small store near the HOH that did a brisk business when “gringos” were in town.   She had been slashed to death with a machete by her husband.

As we arrived to the HOH, we immediately saw four of the five children of this mother.  They were scared and traumatized after seeing their father kill their mother only thirty minutes before.  The female employees of HOH were doing their best to comfort, love and console the children.  A flood of information and witness’ accounts started coming my way.  The children had witnessed everything.  The older son of group, age 12, threw rocks at his father to try to stop him as he was chasing the mother.   When I saw him, he was in shock and just stared into the distance.

They also told me that my friend, Dioris, ran toward the man trying to stop him, but he was too late due to the distance he had to cover.   Dioris saw the death blow to the side of the head and neck.  True to form, despite witnessing what he had, Dioris was more worried about all the children and what they had seen.

I prayed for the children of the departed woman, and I also prayed for the neighborhood children that were nearby that also witnessed it all.   A large group had gathered at the store.  I thought perhaps the crowd was there to pray and show respect to their fallen neighbor.   To my dismay, they were all staring at the body that was now covered by a sheet.  I guess we all stare at car wrecks, but this was too much.  I felt the bleakness and the heaviness that surfaces here from time to time.

One blessing amidst all of this… these children have relatives who are willing to take them in.  They are not left without family to care for them.  Praise God.

The future hope of La Moskitia is possible only through Christian discipleship and education of the young people.  The women and mothers of this region are a key part of reaching the children.  Without their direction, influence and love, all missionaries in this area face a truly tough battle.  The mothers of La Moskitia already have so much on their plate.  Many are the sole wage-earner in the family.  On top of that they also cook, clean, and take care of their children.   They are the glue that holds fragile families together here.  Show me a great child here in Puerto Lempira and I’ll show you a great mother!

The fathers of this area have a long way to go to reach the place that God intended for a father to have in the family.    I pray for our Father to lift up these fathers on a daily basis.

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There are tears in my eyes after reading this. I will be prayer for these innocents and for the family members who will comfort them.

Tara Garcia
May 30, 2011 9:29 am

Laura, we are praying with you. My heart cries out for those kids and you guys having to be the backbone there. We love you and believe to see one day when God will raise up a generation of men in Honduras that will love their families and serve their Savior as He intended.


Joining you all in prayer…


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