First Chicken House

Alex & Laura Waits

This week, Alex and Dioris (great friend and partner in projects) finished the first of many chicken projects.    Thanks to generous donors to our Christmas Projects, Reach Out Honduras will be able to provide chickens and coops for many needy families in Puerto Lempira and surrounding communities.

For most families, ROH will build a chicken house or chicken tractor and then provide at least 2 chickens.     However, for our first project, only a chicken house was needed.

This project was for Leodonia, a single mom to 5 children.  She already had several chickens, one who was brooding on eggs under Leodonia’s bed.     Unfortunately, the other chickens had no place to lay eggs on Leodonia’s very small piece of property.   On one side of her house was a concrete wall and the other side only a narrow walkway.   The chickens laid their eggs in pig poop or filthy water.


How would you like to eat eggs that came from this environment?

Reach Out Honduras’s mission includes providing Sustainable Solutions for the community where we live and work.    For Leodonia a sustainable solution was to have a chicken house where her girls could lay their eggs off of the ground.   With this one improvement, the quantity and quality of eggs will increase without even the purchase of another hen.

Leodonia was tickled to be selected as the first recipient of a chicken house through ROH.   She graciously opened her property up and Alex and Dioris began to work.

One of the best things that happened on this project …  Leodonia, upon receiving the chicken house, decided to give chickens to someone else in need.  Paying it forward.   This mindset will take Leodonia far… and just think of the example she is to her children.

Thank you to everyone who contributed supplies and money toward the chicken projects!     This is the fruit of your generosity.

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wow, thats a great ministry, y’all!


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