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We received this photo today.   To you, it probably looks like a really neat garage or even preparation for a garage sale.

What you see here brought great encouragement to us.    As we work away here, you see, our friends back home are working hand-in-hand with us.   This is the fruit of their labor;  the Reach Out Honduras storage unit! This little space holds hope;  hope is packaged inside these brown boxes;  hope lives in the sports equipment gathered by young friends in Wisconsin;  hope will be boxed up, taped up and will travel all the way to the eastern coast of Honduras.

Immediate Needs:

We need school supplies (notebooks, pencils, backpacks, rules, pencil sharpeners, crayons, colored pencils, glue, etc. – new or used) in preparation for next year’s Honduran school year.     We need black, closed-toe shoes in good condition, white t-shirts for boys and white tank tops for girls to go under uniforms.    We need used bicycles for teenagers.

If you are interested in coordinating a drive at your church, in your neighborhood, with your small group or other organization, CONTACT US.  We want to help you from our end.

The next container will leave in 2 weeks! We’d love to have your help on this one.

Our friend, Collette Ginn, is the Donations Coordinator for Reach Out Honduras.    Collette does the collecting, organizing and coordinating of ‘stuff.’    Thank you, Collette!   There are going to be some happy, hopeful Honduran/Miskito children when the next container arrives.

There is also an on-going Wish List for other items that are in constant need.

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It’s funny. When I snapped this picture and sent it, it was pretty nonchalant. We were dropping some stuff off and picking up a couple other things and I just figured I would send you a photo to let you know that we were using the storage unit. I didn’t see it this way. I’m glad that it was an unintentional encouragement to you all.

Liz in Texas
July 15, 2011 5:51 am

YEA! So what is not pictured is all the stuff I’ve got that is not yet at the storage unit :). Laura, we are sending the futon down that you looked at. Will it fit in the crate going down in two weeks? Also, I believe I’ve got at least 3 adult bicycles going too :). Hugs to all~ Liz


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