Stuck in the Mud

Alex & Laura Waits

by Alex Waits

One thing that makes life interesting here is the amount of rain we can receive in just one day; sometimes up to 10 inches. A couple of weeks ago, we had a doozy of a rain day. It just also happened to be the day we needed butane for our stove. No big deal. I loaded up the youngest, the tanks, and headed out in our Rhino. After successfully filling the tanks, Aaron and I headed home. On our way, I got the Rhino stuck up to the floorboards in mud and water. Aaron, only being four, was of little help.

Out of nowhere, a man appeared. He hobbled toward me to help without any prompting from me. Wading in the mud up to his knees, he began to push the Rhino from behind. I was pushing from the side and hitting the gas with my hand. With his help, we easily got out of the muck.

As I thanked him, I looked down and saw what can be best described as, “a mess”. He told me that two years before, he had been shot in the foot, and the doctors did the best they could to patch it up. Frankly, it looked like a non-physician attempted to fix it with one hand… in the dark… with fishing line. It was still pretty much open, ulcerated and no doubt painful.

Yet Francisco still had a smile on his face and was happy to help me out in any way possible. He felt good about what he had helped me accomplish which I could not accomplish on my own. When people from the US visit us here in Honduras, they typically think, “These people need so much and have so little”. What I have found here in Honduras is that these people simply need a little help to get going. Some simply need an idea to get their creative juices flowing. Some need a little encouragement and motivation to make a change in their situation.  They need that one base hit to get themselves out of their slump and feeling good about their talents and abilities.   In contrast, we need to get our minds unstuck regarding the gifts that all people possess.    I’m not speaking of spiritual gifts here;  just the plain talents or abilities that God gives all people.

Francisco reaffirmed that God has blessed all people in different ways;  perhaps with knowledge, creativity, finances, the love of people, physical strength or a million other things.  Francisco blessed me with a his strength to help push me out of hole despite a bad foot.  Francisco was obviously proud to assist someone in need. We should never underestimate any person’s gifts or potential to help.  Everyone is capable of giving something.  Let’s not simply fall in line with so much of the prosperity teaching that is going on today that would want us to believe that the poor are not prosperous because they are not blessed by God.

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