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Often, we forget to write about what is happening here on a daily basis.   Days get busy, weeks fly by and we realize we haven’t posted anything here in months.

There are moments of great joy and success in the Lord’s Name and moments of great disappointment.   Amidst all of these, there are days which are truly unforgettable.

Today…  one of the unforgettable ones.

Over the past 3 months, we’ve been talking to students and parents about a wonderful Christian boarding school in Copan, Honduras.   Last year, one young lady went from Mama Tara’s Orphanage.  She is thriving.

This year, we visited the school in person and decided that we would try to get the word out and gather applications and grades to submit students for the 2012 school year beginnin in February.     Two weeks ago, we submitted 20 students for consideration by the school, Arbol de Vida.

Today, we received word that all 20 were invited to attend.   This opportunity is life-changing.   This good news is the result of work on the part of so many…   Mama Tara’s Board in the US, House of Hope volunteers here and in US, Dr. Marianne Serkland, Morgan Hayden and Reach Out Honduras.  But most of all, this is a work of God.  First and foremost, He knows these young people and has provided them with this gift.

In 2 weeks, Laura will travel with the students, sit in on interviews and sign for these students.     A teacher and volunteer from the US, Abby Ealey, will be going with Laura to Copan to sign for several students she recommended.

Now…  here’s the catch.   Some of the students still need sponsorship money.  If a student comes from an intact family, the family pays $25 per month.  This is a HUGE amount for a poor family.  However, they are willing to sacrifice for their children to be able to attend such an awesome school.

We are looking for individuals to partner with these families on a one-time basis or monthly basis.     Here is the link to sponsor a child through a one-time gift or a monthly gift.   If you want to sponsor a specific student, we will need to handle this on a case-by-case basis.

We do not have pictures of all of these students, so this program is very different from our sponsorship program for younger children.

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