Kids Helping Kids – Birthday Blessings

From the outside, it might have looked like any other 2 year old birthday party for precious twins. This birthday party in September, though, was anything BUT ordinary.

Here is the invite…  what a cute idea for the front…

and here is the back…  asking for the party attendants to bring donations for Reach Out Honduras!

Here are the sweet birthday kids …


And here are their parents.   It is a great work of these parents to start teaching their kids at such an early age how to share their blessings with less fortunate children.   We admire and honor this family.   They met Reach Out Honduras through one of our Board members, Liz James.

From this party, the Thanksgiving team delivered to us over 80 lbs of baby formula for malnourished babies in our town.    And they brought 30+ bottles of liquid pain relief for children, 15+ bottles of vitamins for children,  lots of Pepto Bismol for kids, tons of bandaids and gauze, etc.

We are so prepared for the needs that present themselves at Mama Tara’s and Familia Alastero and throughout the community as families look for assistance when their children are sick and hungry.

Thank you, Tran family, for your example to your own children, to their friends and family and to all of us at Reach Out Honduras.  May we all LOVE like children, with arms and hands open and extended to the needs of others.



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