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Alex & Laura Waits

Melchor, Laura, Alex & Bryan (and sweet Arlee on the side)


by Alex Waits

My phone rang the other day with the voice on the other end doing its best to impress me with his English.  It was funny and I knew immediately that it was Bryan Alastro.   He called to let us know that he was going to be leaving for medical school in a few days just in case we wanted to see him off.   Are you kidding, of course we’ll be there!

It has been a long journey for Bryan, one of the young men that Reach Out Honduras supporters are sending to medical school this year.  Bryan Alastero, an orphaned young man with an infectious smile and a kind manner.  He is the type of young man that you hope your daughter one day meets.  Since his mother’s death, Bryan has kept his dream alive of becoming a physician.  He accomplished this by working in the hospital and surrounding himself with pictures and ideas of his future.  He also relied on his faith to get him through times of intense trial that would have made even the most faithful man give up.

Bryan, and his cousin Melchor (the other medical school scholarship recipient through ROH) are embarking on a great journey, requiring a focused commitment, in one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

Commitment in anything can be a wavering thing.  How many people are still sticking with their New Year’s resolutions?  I am reminded this week of the commitment these two young men have made that sets them apart from many.  They will be sharing a tiny room with a single burner stove and a water dispenser and 2 small mattresses;  much different than the typical college experience.

They move forward on a journey without knowing about much that lies around the corner.  Attending college in Honduras is extremely economical, but there is very little in the way of financial aid.   If you are orphan and have nothing, a dream such as medical school appears to be almost unreachable.    If you are an orphan and have nothing in La Moskitia, the poorest region of Honduras, medical school is nothing more than a pipe dream.

But, not so for these two!   Because of the generosity of the friends of Reach Out Honduras, these two young men have scholarships for this year.     Know friends, that your prayers and contributions for these 2 are good investments.

We are committed to assisting these young men as much as we possibly can.  There are no guarantees that we will be able to meet their needs in the future, but we rest confidently in the knowledge that the Lord has provided for this year and will provide for them little by little.

Despite this fact, the two never questioned what if or how can we?    They simply rely on their faith that has taken them so far despite great odds against them.  May we all learn something about faith.  May we live it!

If you can commit to praying for these young men on a weekly basis, please let us know.  We would like to let them know how many gringo brothers and sisters in Christ they have in the US that are cheering them on in the spiritual realm.

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