A Year in Review – Boasting in God!

Alex & Laura Waits

1 Corinthians 1:31—”Therefore, as it is written, ‘Let him who boasts boast in the Lord.'”


As we share these updates on the ministry, we want to boast in what OUR GOD has done this year through YOU and through Reach Out Honduras.  This is not the work of any one person… it is the work of GOD.   What a team He has put together for these projects!


We pray that through every ‘act of service’  Christ was made known.  We pray that each person who comes into contact with any representative of Reach Out Honduras knows that the reason this organization exists is to share Christ, first and foremost.    The harvest is God’s, but we get to help sow His seeds.


  • Good news!  All 17 students from La Moskitia that went to a Christian boarding school in Copan with Laura in January passed their trial period.   One student decided that the school wasn’t for her this year and left to stay with family in San Pedro while she considered her options.   16 students are thriving and acclimating in a totally new environment.    Thank you to Reach Out Honduras contributors who have paid for mattresses, uniforms, school supplies and fees for many of these students.


  • Monday, we begin our journey to the US.   4 young Miskito women will be traveling with us and then on to Leadership University in Zambrano.   Reach Out Honduras submitted 7 applicants this year and the school chose 4 to go now and the other 3 to go later in the year.   These 4 will   join the 3 other Miskito women that were  accepted in 2011 and are the top students in the program.    All 7 have complete scholarships through the school.    Praise God!


  • Our 2 medical students, Melchor and Brian, are doing well in their studies.  We receive a weekly e-mail updating us on what they have learned that week.   They are thankful to each of you who contribute to Reach Out Honduras for their scholarships.      Can you even imagine what they must feel as they know that so many people in both Honduras and the US are partnering with them for the future?    To God be the glory!


  • The Reach Out Honduras sponsorship program has grown to 19 kids and one family.   12 of the kids are sponsored for fruits/vegetables and uniforms;  7 are sponsored for the private high school here and a Pastor’s family has an out-of-the-box sponsorship to help meet his immediate needs as he builds his church.      We pray about where God is going to take this program.   We even pray that perhaps God will bring a missionary to help expand this program into a stronger discipleship effort.


  • The seeds of a future school are planted and we can’t wait to see them grow during our US visit.    The mayor donated an acre of land for the school.    For more information, visit this link.     The 2012 Golf Tournament will help provide funds to move this project along.


  • We had the opportunity to work with several groups who painted at Mama Tara’s, installed electricity, burned trash, led Bible study and sang and danced with great kids!  Thank  you for joining us!    We pray that your lives were as impacted as the people you touched here.


  • The computer lab in our home has hosted over 30 students to learn computer skills and English.   Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2011 Golf Tournament.  Your contributions funded this worthy project and will continue to fund software.  We are excited to continue to expand this program.  If we are able to build one classroom on the school land, we can start by putting the computer lab there and host literacy classes.


  • Almost 100 families were fed during the Thanksgiving Feeding Program in November of 2011.    Through the efforts of many donors and the team that visited from North Texas, these families were fed.   The team visited families in their homes, prayed with them and then invited them to pick up a food bag on a specific day.  What a thing to witness!


  • 10+ young ladies worked with Laura on the True Love Waits Bible study in the Waits home.    God worked to plant seeds of something different for these girls.  Pray that the seeds will grown into a future generation of women who believe what God says about how they should be treated.


  • The individual garden program morphed into a community garden project in a remote village, Tansin.   Alex worked with a December team to revive the garden at Mama Tara’s.     Chicken coops were built for needy families.   We have a dream that the future school will have its own garden, chickens and tilapia.


  • The Waits family has settled in and found a place of contentment in La Moskitia.    They would love to see other long-term missionaries join Reach Out Honduras to work alongside their family.   Maybe it is you?


Gracias a Dios!  Thanks be to God!


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Jeannette Mah
March 11, 2012 7:02 pm

Alex and Laura:
Thanks so much for taking the time out to come to our “Home Church” meeting today. I personally enjoy on hearing and meeting Missionaries. My heart is in the Mission Field.
I am going to check in with a couple of organizations that print bibles to see whether there is one in the Moskitia langueage.
My prayers are for your family to stay safe and to continue to minister to the people of Honduras. Please keep add me to your email list for the newsletters.


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