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Alex & Laura Waits

This is Katyosca. She is 12 and will be in 6th grade this year. Her mom is a single mom with 8 children. Katyosca is the type of ‘smart’ that makes people turn their heads. Her situation is not unique; Katyosca is La Moskitia.

La Moskitia is a remote region on the eastern coast of Honduras that is accessible only by boat or small airplane. The area is inhabited by the indigenous Miskito Indians – beautiful people with an inner strength and fortitude that is unmatched.

In La Moskitia, Honduras, the government schools are under-funded and over-crowded. In 2011, the government teachers were on strike for almost 30% of the school year. The average family pays approximately $150 per year to send a child to a ‘public’ school… in an area where the average daily income is $3-5 per day for those who are fortunate enough to even have a job. If you do the math, you will see that it is impossible for a family to pay monthly rent, eat and send even one child to school. Most families have 4-6 children.

Reach Out Honduras has a God-sized dream to build a Christian middle and high school for children who otherwise have little-to-no access to a quality education. Our dream is to begin with 7th grade in the year 2014 and to add one higher grade each year through 12th grade.

Currently, the mayor of Puerto Lempira, Honduras (the largest city in La Moskitia) has donated the above-pictured land for the Reach Out Honduras school. Now, we need your help!

The first step is building a fence around the Reach Out Honduras property. Next, we will drill a well and begin a garden. If we have enough money in 2012, we will build one classroom and offer literacy classes.

Join us in this God-sized dream! There are many ways to help.

We are praying for God’s direction and His timing. Join us!

We are raising money. Join us!

We are collecting school supplies and computer equipment in gently used condition. Join us.

For more information, Contact Us!!


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