Day One of Mission Team Texas…

Alex & Laura Waits
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The team from our home church arrived yesterday after 24 hours of travel with only 4 hours of sleep!   This morning, they were ready to work …

There were so many highlights of this day, it is hard to pinpoint.    First thing this morn, 2 guys cleaned out the septic system back-up – not the best job to start the day with.   Then, the guys got to work on 4 cement posts for Mama Tara’s future fence.   The girls were hard at work sorting and giving out sponsor gifts.

The schoolroom received a complete make-over today, as did a room for a missionary arriving in the fall.

There were 2 children who accepted Christ today; one will be baptized tomorrow.  Wonderful part of our day.

Part of the group went to visit a single mom to pray with her and then on to the hospital to pray over a sick baby.

Tomorrow is church at Mama Tara’s, a prayer time on the Reach Out Honduras land and a visit to the Alastero family of orphans.

Speaking of the Alastero family, today they sent 10 of their finest young people to volunteer to help with the fence at Mama Tara’s.  Orphans serving other orphans.     How precious is this!

More pictures when our internet is faster!  Until then, keep praying for Team Texas’ light to shine!