Raising Men of Honor

Alex & Laura Waits

Fatherless boys make up a large proportion of boys alive today in the world.  This trend of boys growing up without fathers started moving upward in the 60’s and has continued to climb through the roof.  La Moskitia is an area where fathers simply do not exist in the majority of the households.  Boys and eventually men have suffered greatly due to this problem, and the problem impacts everyone due to its implications on crime, taxes, and loss of life.

Take a look at these staggering statistics of boys from fatherless homes:

Fatherless boys make up:

  • 60 percent of America’s rapists
  • 63 percent of American’s youth suicides
  • 70 percent of America’s long-term prison inmates
  • 70 percent of America’s reform school attendees
  • 71 percent of teenage pregnancies
  • 71 percent of high school drop outs
  • 72 percent of adolescent murderers
  • 85 percent of youth prisoners
  • 85 percent of youths with behavior disorders
  • 90 percent of runaways.


I pray for all the mothers who take on the task of raising their children on their own.  Men have been liberated from being men and shucked their responsibilities, freeing themselves of the duties that are required to impact their families.  If a young man has no example to follow, where does he turn when it’s his turn to raise children, love a wife, and be man?
Men of Honor (www.themenofhonor.org) works with boys and young men who have no father or father figure in their lives, teaching them how to become a Godly man.   I have had the privilege of attending these meetings in the US, spending time with their leadership, and helping start a group here in Puerto Lempira.

Starting a MOH group in Miskito culture has been a difficult task.    I thank God for that we have a friend who is a pastor and teacher and is  leading the charge in helping me get this great program up and successful.   He doesn’t make much money as a teacher, and his church is so small that he makes no money as a pastor.  However, Naum has a heart for children, seekers of Christ, and the fatherless.  Naum has been on fire in promoting the program not only to boys, but pastors who start their own Men of Honor programs in remote villages throughout La Moskitia.

As I read about, and see the misuse of resources and the abuse of power in companies and governments, I am strengthened by men like Naum who will do the right thing when no one is watching and without worldly reward.  He is a great inspiration and example of man that knows God’s call and does everything he can to obey.

Pray for Naum.   He faces an enormous challenge in his quest to introduce Biblical truths that conflict with cultural norms.    And pray for the future fathers of La Moskitia that are impacted through this ministry!

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We will pray for you Naum.That most of these men start stepping up to the bat. God is always in ear distance and listens to all our needs. HE IS GOD, He turns lives around for the better every minute of every day.God be with you, give you strength on all you do in his name.I have the Moskitia men in my prayers.They must start reading their Bibles in earnest, and never rest till they become familiar with it. They must start loving the Lord God almighty with all their being,and read till their eyes are so tired that they fall asleep every night with the good book on their lap!!!God Bless you.


Bless you for posting,God gave the vision of the Men of Honor to Tony,and by faith Tony declared that young men across the world would rise as world changers,and leaders for the Kingdom of God , you and Naum are part of the provision of that vision..be assured you are daily in my prayers.i am looking forward to hearing more


You are still in my prayers Naum.One of these days I hope to visit Honduras and see and hear for myself the great work that is being done in the name of the Lord.Till then my thoughts and prayers are with you at this Christmas season A very Merry Christmas to you and all those fine young men in Honduras.Keep the faith and the love of Christ in your heart.Have a great and wonderful New Year.Sally, your sister in Christ.


Two leaders from the states came Nov 28 to help lead a camp for The Men of Honor in Puerto Lempira. Expecting about 30 boys, 52 young men showed up for the camp. The seed was planted in June of 2012, watered and cultivated by Pastor Naom and pastors from nearby viliages, producing fruit in the lives of young men as witnessed at the camp November 30 thru Decemger 2. The Pastors and Alex Waits reserved facilities, purchased provisions and organized an exceptional camp. The Gospel was clearly proclamed and received. About 30 young men stepped over the line and accepted Christ as their savior. Thank God for the pastors and leaders in La Moskitia. They are raising up Men of Honor that will lead their families and communities. They are making disciples of Jesus Christ.


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