Alex & Laura Waits

by: Laura

You have met Brian and Melchor before.   Through your generous donations, these 2 young men are the first recipients of medical school scholarships through Reach Out Honduras.    They are finishing their first year of medical school.


Today, I felt like a proud Mama.  These boys both lost their Mamas several years ago and thought their dreams to become doctors had come to an end.


Enter some amazing US sponsors and God provided for their dream to begin to take shape.

I am in the capital city working on paperwork for our baby girl, Cumi Joy.   Melchor, Brian and his brother, Erick,  met me at the mission house where I am staying.  They encircled Cumi Joy and me as we walked to Wendy’s for dinner.  They were so protective, walking in front and to the sides of us, making sure no one so much as looked at us wrong.   I was honored to be protected in this crazy city by these well-mannered young men.


Immediately, they asked if they could volunteer to work with Alex during their break when they are back in Puerto Lempira.  Alex is honored at this request and will design the perfect project for a bit of their vacation.  But, they do deserve a bit of rest, too!

They were absolutely wonderful with Cumi Joy.   How delightful to see her laughing with them!  It gives me hope for the future of the men of La Moskitia, my friends.  God is moving and we get to watch Him in action.


I asked if Alex and I could treat them to dinner.  When I got to the register, the cashier said it would be $6 total.  Each of them had ordered a KIDS MEAL.   I quickly told them to order something that would at least attempt to fill their bellies.   They said they knew this was a sacrifice for us.   Goodness, for us, it was joy!


During our time together,  they really wanted to hear about the US election and Hurricane Sandy.   Their views on politics relate almost 100% to treatment of the poor and the alien (immigration).   Their explanations were convicting considering where they come from… one of the poorest places I’ve ever seen.   Care for the poor and immigration issues become less and less political and more and more human when you have faces, personalities and families to consider instead of statistics.


***  We sent the boys to med school with Alex’s old computer.  It died this year.  We would like to give them another one – a newer model that might last longer than one year.  If you are interested in contributing something toward this gift or toward their ongoing scholarship fund, please visit this Razoo page.

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