a note of thanks!

Alex & Laura Waits

Dear friends of La Moskitia, Honduras –


Today is a day of reflection and gratitude for all US citizens. We find ourselves so grateful this year to God for His favor and blessings on the work of Reach Out Honduras. Thank you to each of you for your part in this… your prayers before God’s throne, your notes of encouragement, your visits, your love for our children, your love for our Miskito ‘children’, your financial sacrifice, and your physical work on behalf of the orphaned and vulnerable of our region.


May you and your family feel the Presence of God’s Amazing Love today. May God return to you one hundred-fold all that you have generously shared with us.


Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

We love you!


The Waits Family Alex, Laura, Aidan, Arlee, Adam, Aaron & Cumi Joy

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