Men of Honor Camp 2012

Alex & Laura Waits

by:  Alex Waits


Two months ago, I posted about the Men of Honor program and how God was working through this … Raising Men of Honor.    It was perfect timing when this program was brought to my attention a few years ago through my friend, Weldon Davis.     Discipleship of young men has long been a prayer of mine and a large part of the mission of Reach Out Honduras.

What is most amazing is how the Miskito pastors have embraced the Men of Honor program and they are the leaders, not me!  This is as it should be… we are here to support local pastors, not take their calling away from them.

In November, Weldon and Taylor, leaders in the US Men of Honor program, came to Puerto Lempira to help Miskito pastors, me and another gringo missionary friend, Roger Engle, put on a camp for Miskito young men.

We expected around 30 boys… God brought 52!

Some boys came on foot, walking anywhere from 4-6 hours just to come to a weekend where they could learn about Christ!

There were so many memorable moments…   team-building activities, solid teaching, small groups, prayer, worship.

Two things stand out in my mind as highly important.  The first and most important – 25 young men accepted Christ as their Savior!   These young men are the future of La Moskitia.  Please pray for them!

The second thing is more personal in nature.    Our oldest son, Aidan, got to attend the conference with me.   What a joy to see him working, learning and praising God right beside his Miskito peers!    How beautiful to see the Miskito pastors loving on my son, encouraging him and simply not seeing his skin color.

Join us in thanking God for this harvest…  He places the dreams, we walk forward and He brings the results!

(For those of you who have visited Puerto Lempira, you may recognize some of these faces as friends from House of Hope and Mama Tara’s Orphanage)

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It is wonderful to see these young men congregate and learn more about Jesus and themselves.Excitement for the Lord in so many of them, God Bless them all. Walking such distances in honor of God.It is such a blessing to see Aidan along with his dad working, helping, and learning,in the name of our sweet Lord … We are with them every step of the way.God keep them all safe and free from anything that would discourage, their Men of Honor ways.We pray for their continued walk with the Lord.Keep the faith Men of Honor.Step foreward one foot at a time, bring yourselves closer to our dear Savior.He is waiting.


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