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Alex & Laura Waits


Chester, Deborah, Cesia & Dina

The picture above was graduation day for 4 special kids.  Well, really not kids at all… young people who feel like the day was a dream come true!

Let me tell you a bit of the back story.   When we met these 4 young people 2 years ago, they were not in school.   Each of them had finished 10th grade several years before, but due to the deaths of their mother/aunts and lack of funds, they had to drop out of school.     These bright young minds were idle and without hope for ever finishing high school.

Enter in generous sponsors who were willing to take a risk and invest in the lives of  these 4.    These sponsors faithfully supported Chester, Deborah, Cesia & Dina month-in and month-out.   In November, the investments paid off and 4 Miskito young people received their diplomas.      Praises to God, who connects people across continents to bring hope.

A wonderful thing happened during the last 2 years – relationships were built, letters written, pictures sent and many prayers raised by both sponsors and students.   We were honored to witness it all.

The graduation was the highlight of our November.   Following the ceremony was a party at their house with cake and cokes and a wonderful blessing over the 4 for their travels and their studies.  They prayed for their sponsors… with such grateful hearts.

The next morning, the 4 got on a flight to the interior of Honduras (the first time they ever laid eyes on paved roads and the rest of their country) to take a college entrance exam.  All 4 have dreams to continue on to university.

Reach Out Honduras is working to put together scholarship funds for these 4 on a year-by-year basis.    We have commitments from their previous sponsors for around 1/4 of what is needed per month for their scholarships.

If you are interested in investing in the lives of some amazing, Godly young people, VISIT THE SCHOLARSHIP PAGE.

For more information and to communicate directly with these students, Contact US!

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God is good!

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