Ladies of Honor

Alex & Laura Waits


by Laura:

Last week, I had such an amazing opportunity.    You have read about Alex and his love and appreciation for the Men of Honor program and the camp that took place in Puerto Lempira.   Well, did you know there is also a Ladies of Honor?   It is a similar program to the Men of Honor, but for young women!

My friend, Stephanie, invited me to come and speak to the Ladies of Honor group at her public middle school.   I had absolutely no idea how this program would touch me.

Stephanie is a courageous teacher who believes that the young women in her lower income school need to hear how much God loves them and how Jesus redeems.  So, she invited several teachers who love Jesus to join her in forming a LOH group.

On the day I visited, the girls were talking about Proverbs 31.  65 young ladies attended their meeting.   First, they broke into small groups and shared their Bible verses and prayed for one another.   They had a small snack… Stephanie said that some girls attend initially just for the snack due to their hunger.

Our worlds are not so different after all.

Next, we went into a choir room and I got to share about Honduras.   The young ladies were interested, curious, and compassionate.    As I looked into their eyes and listened to their questions, I was moved beyond words.

Stephanie and the teachers that help her are doing a great work, week-in and week-out.   They are the unsung heroes of our public school system.

God is moving across this world.  May I never get tunnel vision and believe otherwise.

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