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Alex & Laura Waits

by:  Alex Waits



Saturday night,  Laura and I enjoyed a “date” night at a little eatery down the street from us. It’s nothing fancy, very economical, and has a nice breeze off of the lagoon to boot. We also get to see the night life of Puerto Lempira and its people.  There are drunks, partiers, and people working hard to simply supply for their families.


Gavani, was a young man waiting on us during our meal.  He had an infectious smile, and enjoyed speaking a little bit of English with us throughout the evening.  As the night progressed, we were able to speak more with Gavani and gain information about his life. It was insightful and heart breaking all at the same time.  He smiled when he spoke about it, but you could tell it had an impact on him deep down.
Gavani was 23 years old, and he truly wished he could have continued his education and learned English. Despite appearing very bright and hard working, Gavani will never have that opportunity!  He dropped out of school after 6th grade because he and his family couldn’t pay the tuition. Gavani’s story is all too common in our region.   These stories have spurred us on to open a secondary school.  Now that Gavani has a little money, he is too old to attend school and doesn’t have enough time as he works 15 hours a day seven days a week.

Like so many in our area, Gavani has lost his opportunity to gain a formal education. Anything is possible, but it’s still really hard for me to swallow.  God doesn’t make mistakes and Gavani is where he is supposed to be, but it’s tough to see someone with so much potential just barely getting by.  Why was Gavani not the “chosen” one?  Time will tell what God has planned for this young man.

We are surrounded daily by the next generation of potential doctors, engineers, business people and Gavanis that are teetering on uncertainty about their future.  We are here and in the process of opening a school to help these children reach their spiritual, educational, and service potential.    Gavani’s story fueled the fire for me… it reminded me of why we struggle daily to move even one baby step forward on this God-given vision.  We do it for the Gavanis that are coming along.


Join us in prayer for all that is going on here in our little neck of the woods and for the students that will join us next February at Instituto Vida Abundante.

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Meeting Gavin that night was a “Godincidence.” You were meant to meet him and hear his story at precisely the time that you needed to hear it! Like you said- to remind you of why you are doing what your doing and thank you, thank you for doing it!
Karen/Bethel UMC. Midland, NC


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