Wish List for Instituto Vida Abundante


 This is Jovani…

He is in Morgan’s feeding program and receives 2 meals a week.   Jovani is a reserved young man who lives with his family.  Both Jovani and his brother, Gekdar, want to attend Instituto Vida Abundante in February of 2013.  Help us make this dream a reality!


For our inaugural year of Instituto Vida Abundante, we hope to have 50-55 7th graders!

We will need the following school supply and uniform items to get the year started right.

Because shipping is expensive, we must plan ahead and start looking for these items now!

The following is our wish list:


  • Copier – durable, with toner OR $1,000 to buy copier in Honduras

  • Computer Lab – 25 ipads or Chrome books – to cost approximately

  • 50 Desks & Chairs – FUNDED

  • Science Lab equipment – $500

  • 6 large whiteboards – to be constructed in Honduras

  • Unlimited supply of dry-erase markers and erasers

  • 50 backpacks (IN PROCESS)

  • 1000 spiral notebooks  (IN PROCESS)

  • 1000 pencils (IN PROCESS)

  • 1000 pens (IN PROCESS)

  • 100 boxes of markers

  • 25 large scissors (IN PROCESS)

  • 100 uniform shirts (DONATED)

  • 50 uniform pants  (DONATED)

  • black shoes

  • 50 gym pants

  • 100 t-shirts (DONATED)

  • gym shoes

We are open to all sizes of uniforms.  We will choose the uniform colors after we know what type of donations may come in… for example: if a school wants to donate 50 navy pants, we will go with navy pants as the uniform for 2013.     Keep in mind these sizes are going to be size 12 and up – students will range in age from 12-16.

If you can help with any of the above, please contact us.


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I will donate the T-shirts. If you will pick them out, I will get them. It would be neat if they had the school name on them!


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