Letter from the President of Reach Out Honduras

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” – Matthew 25:40



These words of Jesus should echo in the ears of each one of us as Christians. Everyday we are provided with opportunities to present Christ’s love to those around us, and we need to take advantage of those opportunities when they arise. Reach Out Honduras exists in order to do this for the orphans and poor of Puerto Lempira, Honduras.


Our mission as an organization is to show the love of Christ and present the gospel of Christ through our work in Honduras. Some may argue that merely feeding and clothing people is social work and not missions work, but I side with John Stott who said, “the reason for our acceptance of social responsibility is not primarily in order to give the gospel either a visibility or credibility it would otherwise lack, but rather simple uncomplicated compassion. Love has no need to justify itself. It merely expresses itself in service wherever it sees need.” Stott goes on to state that mission is “everything the church is sent into the world to do”, and Reach Out Honduras has been sent into Puerto Lempira to do all that we can for that area.


I have known Alex and Laura for nearly a decade, and have seen tremendous change in their lives as they moved from being dedicated church members to full time missionaries. I have seen their children grow up with my children, and have spent time with them on family vacations and small group Bible studies. They have been some of my greatest supporters in ministry, and I am honored to be able to serve them in this capacity. Myself and the rest of the board of directors exist in order to serve God, to serve our missionaries in the field, and to serve the people who contribute to Reach Out Honduras. The only thing that we receive is the satisfaction of knowing that we have used our talents to help the cause of Christ.


This is an exciting year, with many great things to look forward to. On April 15 we will be hosting our third annual Golf Tournament to raise funds for a new school in Puerto Lempira, Instituto Vida Abundante. Throughout the summer, several teams will travel to Honduras for short term missions trips, where they will meet the children of Puerto Lempira, experience how different life is in Honduras, and show the love of Christ to those they come into contact with. In November, we will be interviewing students and their families for the first class at Instituto Vida Abundante, which will start in February 2014.


If there are any questions that you have for me or for the board of directors, please feel free to contact me at clay@reachouthonduras.org. God bless!

Clay Ginn

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