The Impact of Sponsorship

Alex & Laura Waits


Left to Right:  Dennis, Bendiman and Jose

This past Sunday afternoon, we were in La Ceiba after finishing residency paperwork and taking a few days of rest for our family to regroup.   At the same time, our friends and ROH sponsored students, Dennis and Bendiman, were there to take early college entrance exams.   For both of these young men, this was their first trip to the interior of Honduras.   Jose lives in La Ceiba now with a family member and is attending a 3 year program in auto mechanic and electrical training.    We were so excited to be able to take them for lunch… their choice, fried chicken over pizza!

Here are their stories and how ROH sponsors have made a huge impact in the lives of these 3 and so many more:

Dennis is sponsored by Neuse Baptist Association in North Carolina and general ROH education funds for private high school here in Puerto Lempira.   He is part of the Alastero family;  a family who has taken in many orphans and is raising them in a Miskito family setting.   His mother is a precious example of a willing, servant’s heart as she welcomes children into their home.   She cannot read or write.   His sister, Dina, is studying at university thanks to the commitment of her sponsors (Parker family in Texas).    Dennis is in his last year of high school at the private high school in Puerto Lempira; he will graduate in November.   He volunteers and teaches literacy to young kids who are not enrolled in school.   And, he preaches at his church.    When he is not studying or volunteering, he has a  job, working for Alex (ROH),  on various building projects, including the Mama Tara fence project.   Dennis saved money from his job to buy himself a bicycle and to pay for a plane ticket to La Ceiba to take an early entrance exam for university.  He is a solid math student and dreams of working in the finance field.

Bendiman is sponsored by the Stewart family in Texas for private high school here in Puerto Lempira.  He will graduate in November with Dennis.   He is also part of the Alastero family.  His mother, Maritza, is the heart and soul of the Alastero family.  She is a dear friend to ROH and the Waits family and an example of a woman who will sacrifice her own comfort for the future of her family.   Bendiman’s brother, Chester, is studying at university this year thanks to ROH sponsors (Litzkow family in Texas).   Bendiman is a quiet, reserved young man who also works with Alex on a regular basis.   He also saved his money to travel for an early entrance exam so that he could begin to plan for next year’s study.  He dreams of being a civil engineer.

Jose has been sponsored by the Gray family in Texas for 2 years.   Jose was abandoned at a young age and taken in by the Alastero family as one of their own.    His nickname is Papalo .   Initially, his sponsorship was for food as he finished middle school.   As he got closer to finishing 9th grade, he began to express a dream of being a master mechanic.     There are several great programs for this in La Ceiba, the closest major city to La Mosquitia.    As of February of this year, his sponsorship donations are sent to provide for his education.    As an aside, an organization from the US came to test a large group of young people to offer a full scholarship to study in the US.   Jose took the test and scored FIRST.   He chose his dream of mechanics over a full scholarship to study in the US.   Go for it, Jose!  May you finish strong and return to La Mosquitia as an example to your peers!

These are just 3 stories of how God’s people on one side of the world are partnering with His people in a completely different area to see dreams become a reality.  These young Christians have tangible examples of God answering specific prayers for assistance and doors to open.   Thank you, sponsors, for partnering with each of these young men and the 6 that are currently studying in Tegucigalpa through the Reach Out Honduras Scholarship Program.

To join Reach Out Honduras in providing scholarships to young people from La Mosquitia, visit our Razoo Page.

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