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PIPER - Kids Helping Kids

Piper is a precious young lady from the Dallas, Texas area.   She learned about Honduras from her longtime friend,  Lisa Gould.  Lisa is the ROH Prayer Coordinator and a special friend to the ministry.  Lisa and her husband, Jeff, came to La Mosquitia last summer and fell in love with the people and God’s work that is happening in this area.    Lisa shared her heart for Honduras with Piper and a seed was planted…

Piper is the  10-year daughter of Ryan and Michelle.  She has a 7-year old brother named Stone.      She plays soccer, dancers, and enjoys being with her friends a lot!

Lisa says, “When we got involved in Honduras almost 3 years ago, she (Piper) had lots of questions about why we went, who we saw, etc.  At first “Easa” (me) was just gone and she had to change her routine and stay with other people, but after our last “M&M quarter drive” at church, she began to see where she could be involved.  She took M&M tubes home and asked her family to help her save quarters.  When school supplies were donated recently (another kid story I need to tell you about) she helped me sort and count them.  Then unbeknownst to me, she decided to purchase some with her own money and brought me “teacher boxes and folders” for six classrooms along with $71 from her quarter drive!  Her money arrived the same week that Lori Connell (of Mi Esperanza ministry in Tegucigalpa, Honduras) told me the pencil bags were ready that I asked them to make for us, so I asked Piper if she would like to use her $71 dollars to help pay for them.  She said Yes!  So Piper and her family will be providing about 20 pencils bags when we come in June.  “

We just want to tell Piper that we are so thrilled that God has touched her heart for children in Honduras.   Thank you, Piper, for being an awesome example of how we can connect children around the globe in the name of Jesus!

God bless you, Piper!

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