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A Little Off of the Top!

Alex & Laura Waits

by: Alex Waits   Who do we, as Christians, spend time with and minister to daily?  Do we surround ourselves with fellow believers and like-minded Christians yet pass by those who might need Christ the most because we fear….man?  Do…

Stuck in the Mud

Alex & Laura Waits

by Alex Waits One thing that makes life interesting here is the amount of rain we can receive in just one day; sometimes up to 10 inches. A couple of weeks ago, we had a doozy of a rain day….

First Chicken House

Alex & Laura Waits

This week, Alex and Dioris (great friend and partner in projects) finished the first of many chicken projects.    Thanks to generous donors to our Christmas Projects, Reach Out Honduras will be able to provide chickens and coops for many needy…

5 more orphans in Puerto Lempira…

Alex & Laura Waits

This afternoon, I (Alex) was faced with one of the tougher and uglier things I’ve had to stomach during my time here in La Moskitia.  I received a call from Katrina asking me if I could give her a ride…

Di's Garden

Alex & Laura Waits

  There is this sweet girl…  Di.   She is 17.    Her father died when Di was 5  and her mother ran off immediately after with another man.  She is essentially,  a complete orphan.   Her grandmother is very poor and unable…

Book Mobile – Phase 1

Alex & Laura Waits

Thanks to several very generous donors, we officially have a rolling cart, books in Spanish for all reading levels and basic English books for those that are beginning to learn English.    Yesterday, we allowed our first little patron, Katy,…


Alex & Laura Waits

Our Thanksgiving team will arrive in 3 weeks.   It is a understatement to say that we are excited…  so much more than that! During the group’s visit, we will deliver bags of food including rice, beans, yucca, oil, sugar and…

Our Video

Here is the ministry video for our upcoming move to Puerto Lempira, Honduras. We need partners in mission to pray with us, to go with us and to give to support God’s work through our family. Will you join us?

New Children Need Sponsors! – updated again!

Alex & Laura Waits

UPDATE: As of 5/30/2010,  2 more girls and one little boy now have sponsors!  Thank you, friends, for loving these children and making a HUGE commitment to show them the love of Christians in America. UPDATE:  As of 4/9/2010,  only…

The Work… Mama Tara's, House of Hope & Familia Alastero

Alex & Laura Waits

Our primary work will be discipleship/mentoring at 3 homes for orphans & vulnerable children: Mama Tara’s Orphanage, House of Hope and Familia Alastero. As we relocate in August of 2010, we need partners in mission to pray with us, to…