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“And the Word became flesh, and dwelt among us, and we saw His glory, glory as of the only begotten from the Father, full of grace and truth.”  John 1:14


Celebrate Jesus this Christmas with a gift that makes a difference in the life of a family in the ‘Land of the Forgotten People’, La Moskitia, Honduras. Partner with Reach Out Honduras this Christmas to provide both  spiritual nourishment and physical provision.


Consider a gift for friends/family… we will e-mail a certificate and/or send a letter to your recipient to notify of the gift.    Select the ‘Add a Dedication’ box as you make your donation and enter the recipient’s name and address.




2 Chickens for the School – $10

Instituto Vida Abundante will be feeding students 2 meals each day – breakfast and lunch.   In an effort toward sustainability, we will need 100-150 chickens to produce 200 eggs each  per year.   If this project is for you, click here!



Spanish Books for School Library – $15


Provide money for Reach Out Honduras to purchase library books in Spanish at the middle school reading level.   Click here to donate to this fund for yourself or in the name of another person.


School Supplies & Equipment – $25


Provide money for Reach Out Honduras to purchase school equipment and support the economy of Honduras.  We will be buying whiteboards, classroom decorative items in Spanish, and other school supplies, as needed.   Click here to donate to this fund for yourself or in the name of another person.



Desk & Chair for Instituto Vida Abundante – $50


Reach Out Honduras has begun construction on a Christian middle and high school for poor children of the La Moskitia region of Honduras. Right now, the public middle school is over-crowded, under-funded and a haven for illegal drug activity.  There is not a consistent public high school option for poor children.  There is a private high school; however, the tuition is out of reach for 99% of the children of this region.  For more information on the school, click here.


Help us continue to put wings on this dream as we raise funds for actual desks and chairs to put in the school.  The desks will be made here in Puerto Lempira, boosting the economy right here in our town.   We hope to have the school ready to accept 50+ students in Grade 7 by February of 2014.   Click HERE to donate a desk & chair in your family’s name or in the name of another person.



College Scholarship Fund$75 per month


Our first 2 recipients of the Reach Out Honduras College Scholarship fund were Brian & Melchor Alastero.  They will complete their first year of studies this month!   We are so proud of their hard work and success this year and will be continuing their scholarships for another year.


Additionally, we have 4 more students from the Marina Alastero Children’s Home that are graduating this year from high school thanks to Reach Out Honduras sponsors!   Each of them have dreams of a college education.  Cesia wants to major in English, Chester in Computer Science,  Dina in Languages and Teaching and Deborah in Preschool Education.


We know all 6 of these students personally and believe that they will be successful university students.   The scholarships are granted on a year-by-year basis and have several requirements.  The students must check in with us regularly via e-mail, must report official grades to us with the university seal and must attend a church as much as possible.


Sponsors, if interested, can correspond with scholarship recipients on whatever level desired.


These 6 are world-changers! One life changing many lives! Be a part of it!!


Click here to donate to this fund for yourself or in the name of another person.



Send a box of donated goods to Honduras – $100


This fund will help with shipping costs of a box of donated items to Honduras.   Donations in the shipment will be collected through various charity drives throughout the year.




Food for School Students – $500


Instituto Vida Abundante will provide 2 meals per day to students:  breakfast and lunch.    Students will be selected from poor families who already have a tough time making ends meet.  With the provision of 2 meals, the students will be ready to learn and not worried about their next meal.    To feed 50 students 2 meals for 5 days per week, the cost will be around $500.  Reach Out Honduras will be working year-by-year to make the school more sustainable in this area with chicken projects, a garden and hopefully, tilapia.


Click here to donate to this fund for yourself or in the name of another person.


Missionary Support – Waits Family – any amount

 Alex & Laura Waits are missionaries to the Miskito people of the remote La Moskitia region of Honduras.   They are faith-based missionaries which means that they rely fully on God’s provision through churches and individuals to meet their monthly living expenses.   For 2013, Reach Out Honduras has set up a special fund for donations marked for the Waits family.

The Waits moved to Honduras in 2010 to follow God’s call to live and work among the indigenous Miskito people. They have 5 children: Aidan, Arlee, Adam, Aaron and Cumi Joy.   


Donations ear-marked for the Waits family are tax-deductible through Reach Out Honduras and will be used to provide support directly to Alex & Laura to continue the work God has placed on their hearts in Puerto Lempira, Honduras.     Donate here.

Thank you for considering a donation to Reach Out Honduras this Christmas.


May the love of Christ overflow in your heart as you celebrate our Savior’s birth.