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In Puerto Lempira, the remote area of Honduras where we live and work,  most students have no realistic opportunity or expectation to finish school past the 6th grade.   For those who finish elementary, the option for poor students is an under-funded, over-crowded school that is a haven for illegal drug activity.    The only current consistent, full-time option is private middle and high school which is available only to the wealthy or those who are sponsored through the amazing generosity of Reach Out Honduras sponsors!

It is an extremely rare thing for a poor student to be able to achieve a high school diploma.    University is almost unheard of for Miskito children.   For this reason, Reach Out Honduras is starting Instituto Vida Abundante in 2014 – to give hope and an option for poor students to have an excellent education at a low cost in their own culture.

Reach Out Honduras, Inc. has a sponsorship program which allows families and individuals from the US to partner with worthy students who desire to complete their middle and high school education, but cannot financially afford to do so.     Praise God that He provided sponsors for 8 high school students for the 2012 Honduran school year;  2 at a Christian boarding school in Copan and 6 at the local private high school.


For 2013, we have 3 currently sponsored at the private high school and 4 in Copan… and only 1 more high school student needing a sponsor!

Christian needs a sponsor to begin high school:


Christian is the son of Melvin Alastero, who also happens to be our watchman.    Several years ago, Melvin’s oldest daughter was murdered and he took in his 2 young granddaughters to raise.   Melvin is a hard-working man in a culture where men are often absent.  We would like to see Melvin’s own son be able to study alongside of his cousins at the private high school in town.    To help Reach Out Honduras make that happen, click here!