These are our dedicated Christ followers on the ground in Puerto Lempira, Honduras.
They are committed to bringing the Gospel to this remote region of the world.

Alex and Laura Waits

Alex and Laura Waits


Alex and Laura founded Reach Out Honduras in 2010 and moved their family to Puerto Lempira, Honduras shortly thereafter. They are two normal folks who love God and want others to see His great love, as well. It really is that simple. While their hearts and prayers are committed to the students and staff at Instituto Vida Abundante, their first mission is to their beautiful kids (Aidan, Arlee, Adam, Aaron, and Cumi).

Our Board of Directors

Service here is an honor and this team helps oversee the ministry and provide needed US side support.


Reach Out Honduras prays for more people to join the work of sharing the Gospel in Puerto Lempira. Currently we have two avenues for that to happen.
Long Term Missionaries (missions work up to 2 years)
Internship Program (missions work from 4-12 weeks)