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Reach Out Honduras works with several organizations in Christian partnership and unity to bring hope to the people of La Moskitia.  Please visit these sites and support these ministries where the Lord leads:


Root Ministries – This ministry was started by our precious friend, Morgan Hayden.  Morgan, at 24 years of age, has committed herself to serving the children of La Moskitia and does so with a huge heart for Christ.  It is our privilege and joy to be friends and co-workers with Morgan and her ministry.

Visit Morgan’s blog to find out more about how to support her work.


R.O.O.M. – Our dear friends, Jorge & Tara Garcia, live in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.    They work to provide orphanages across Honduras with spiritual, physical and emotional support in a variety of areas.  We know first-hand that this ministry is a beautiful testimony to God’s provision for orphans and vulnerable children.


Mama Tara’s Miskito Orphanage – We work directly with the US Board of Directors in Louisiana and with Mama Tara herself in Puerto Lempira, Honduras.  What a great team!    We love each member of the US Board and greatly respect their commitment to the orphanage and to God’s work all over Puerto Lempira.   What a joy to work alongside these Christians!

Dr. Tom Brian, from Allen, Texas, is the founder of Send Hope.  He started the House of Hope in Puerto Lempira, Honduras with the assistance of missionaries Katrina and Roger Engle.    The House of Hope is a fantastic home and school for disabled children.  It is a privilege to work with this organization.