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When tragedy struck this extended family, 4 sisters joined together to take care of their 25 children;  mostly orphans.  They have little in the way of material comfort, but they have great, obvious love for one another and a tremendous faith in God. We believe you would be amazed if you could visit this home and hear these children sing praises to God. It is truly an experience!

The Alastero children listed below are AVAILABLE to be sponsored at $35 per month.  This sponsorship level helps provide fruits and vegetables for this extended family of vulnerable children.     The Alasteros also have a small business selling baskets made from chip bags and pine needles.

To sponsor a child below, visit this Razoo page… 


Marisa Alastero – 13 years old and entering middle school this year!  Marisa is quiet, determined and growing into a lovely young woman of God.  Your sponsorship of Marisa would ensure that she has the nutrition that she needs to move forward in her education.