This is Katyosca.   She is 14 and finished 6th grade in November of 2012.    Her mom is a single mom with 9 chidlren.    Katyosca is the type of ‘smart’ that makes people turn their heads.   Her situation is not unique;   Katyosca  is  La Mosquitia.   Because of the lack of quality education options, Katyosca is currently attending a Christian boarding school on the other side of Honduras for middle school.   She left family, friends and her culture for a good education.   Because of Katyosca, and what she represents, Instituto Vida Abundante exists!

La Mosquitia is a remote region on the eastern coast of Honduras that is accessible only by boat or small airplane.   The area is inhabited by the indigenous Miskito Indians – beautiful people with an inner strength and fortitude that is unmatched.

In La Mosquitia, Honduras, the government schools are under-funded and over-crowded.     In 2012, the government teachers were on strike for almost 30% of the school year.    The average family pays approximately $150 per year to send a child to a ‘public’ school… in an area where the average daily income is   $3-5 per day for those who are fortunate enough to even have a job.    If you do the math, you will see that it is impossible for a family to pay monthly rent, eat and send even one child to school.    Most families have 4-6 children.

God has given Reach Out Honduras the dream to build a Christian middle and high school for children who otherwise have little-to-no access to a quality education.   We want to see young ladies, like Katyosca, and young men be able to study in a safe environment where the love of Christ is taught and shown, right in their own culture.


The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.  John 10:10

Vida Abundante means ‘Abundant Life.’   Named after the verse John 10:10 referenced above, these words speak to everything God has waiting for the students of Puerto Lempira.     There are ‘thieves’ everywhere, literal and figurative.  The thieves of drug addiction, drug trafficking, prostitution, poverty, hunger and more rob these students of the abundant life that God has waiting!

God has faithfully provided for His vision to become a reality!    In 2011, land was donated by the mayor to build Instituto Vida Abundante.   In 2012, construction began on the first classroom.  Today, in 2016, we have 9 classrooms, an outdoor eating area, an outdoor kitchen, an office/library, bathrooms and 11 teachers.

In February of 2014, we welcomed our first class of 60 7th graders.   In 2016, we welcomed 180 students in 7-9th grades and 20 young women into our Vida Nueva program for pregnant teens and young mothers.


Spiritual:   Please pray that the love of Jesus is seen as the motivating reason behind everything we do at IVA.

Education:    Sponsors are needed at $50 per month to allow students to attend Instituto Vida Abundante.  Contact us at laura@reachouthonduras.org with any questions and to sign-up.

Nutrition:   For 2017, we will need additional support for the IVA feeding program.  Students eat 2 meals each day with us at IVA.   This program is an important motivation for our students to remain healthy and to attend school.

Wish List Items:  Visit this link to see needed donation items.


Reach Out Honduras has one missionary families on-the-ground…  the  Waits family.  The Waits are dedicated to the oversight of the school and the other ministries of Reach Out Honduras.

For more details on the school model, read  here for the Vision and Mission for Instituto Vida Abundante.




The land …  Fall 2011 Land-1

Construction of 1st Classroom – summer/fall 2012

First Classroom Complete (minus windows) – Fall 2012


Fence up and second classroom underway – Spring 2013


Second story going up! – September 2013


Gate up!  – October 2013


School – 2014 with 2 classrooms underway on the right side of the picture


2014 – IVA inaugural class having FUN!

BuildingsClassroom Building for 2015!