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The Moskito people are warm, vibrant, and full of God-given strength.   The Gospel has been shared in this region and there are many growing Christians.   However, the region of La Mosquitia is isolated and impoverished, leaving many feeling hopeless.   May Reach Out Honduras be a light and a reminder of the hope that they have in Jesus.


Join us as we plan for complete build-out of IVA with 360 students in 6 grades (7th through 12th)! We need 60 more sponsors for the 2018 school year!  Join us!

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Where in the world is Puerto Lempira, Honduras?

Here is a quick map and reference for where Puerto Lempira sits in its country and region of the world. A remote and ocean side location means that Puerto Lempira is open to the world by very few routes. Planes and boats are the primary access to this rugged landscape filled with people in need of Jesus love.


What others are saying

I was first introduced to Reach Out Honduras almost five years ago when I met Laura Waits through a Women of Purpose missionary women’s conference. At that time, the dream of a school was just beginning to take shape. It has been a privilege to be on this journey with the Waits and ROH and watch how the Lord has taken a tiny dream and grown it into a big reality that is today impacting 180 students and their families, a dozen staff members and their families, and is making a positive impact on the region of La Mosquitia. And the story is still being written!! There are more lives to touch, more children to educate, and more love of Christ to share!


Lisa Guy Gould, 4 time team member, student sponsor and true ambassador for ROH

This was my second time travelling with Team Riverside to Puerto Lempira, so the whole week felt like a huge family reunion for me and all my friends at IVA! I was able to see the vast amount of change that God has done for the school in just one year, and it was breathtaking. The physical changes of the school (the additional classrooms, the 60 more students, the Vida Nueva program) were evident, but the growth of the students in their confidence in themselves and the Lord spoke so much louder. I felt the strong sense of pride the students have for the school. I got to see the way the younger students look up to the 9th graders, and the 9th graders lead the school with dignity and confidence. It is beautiful to see firsthand.

Katie Walker - 15 years old, Student sponsor for 2 years and deeply connected to IVA
There are moments I never want to forget, and some moments I wish I’d never seen from my time in Puerto Lempira. Moments of building relationships with children who are desperate for love and affection, and maybe a little food. Moments of walking the streets and praying for the poverty to somehow disappear. Moments of wondering if these people will ever have a future beyond this place. Moments of worship and praise because God is the God who will provide. Moments of laughter and moments of tears. Moments that leave me wanting more time with these beautiful people. I’m fortunate enough to get to go back in a relatively short time and I’m excited for what God has to show me next!

Emily Tsutsumi, Student sponsor, multiple trips since 2010 and all-around supporter of ROH!

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