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The Moskito people are warm and vibrant, yet live in a region of the world shrouded by poverty leaving many feeling hopeless; our sacrificial service will make known to them the greatest hope this world will ever know… Jesus.

IVA Classroom Addition

IVA’s influence and ministry is growing and soon they will need more classrooms. The buildings you see here accommodate our 7th & 8th grade classes. It costs near $10,000 to build each classroom. Help build the next classroom by generously supporting this school.
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Where in the world is Puerto Lempira, Honduras?

Here is a quick map and reference for where Puerto Lempira sits in its country and region of the world. A remote and ocean side location means that Puerto Lempira is open to the world by very few routes. Planes and boats are the primary access to this rugged landscape filled with people in need of Jesus love.


What others are saying

There are no pictures to adequately describe the beauty of Reach Out Honduras and Instituto Vida Abundante (IVA). The smiles, the laughter and the pride students feel to have a place to learn and be loved for who they are and to realize that God loves them more than any of us possibly could is indescribable. To be able to come along side these kids and this ministry has been life changing for my husband and me.

Lisa Guy Gould, 2014 Trip
There are moments I never want to forget, and some moments I wish I’d never seen from my time in Puerto Lempira. Moments of building relationships with children who are desperate for love and affection, and maybe a little food. Moments of walking the streets and praying for the poverty to somehow disappear. Moments of wondering if these people will ever have a future beyond this place. Moments of worship and praise because God is the God who will provide. Moments of laughter and moments of tears. Moments that leave me wanting more time with these beautiful people. I’m fortunate enough to get to go back in a relatively short time and I’m excited for what God has to show me next!

Emily Tsutsumi, Mulitple Trips Since 2010

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