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We believe in ‘teaching a man to fish’ whenever possible.   Reach Out Honduras helps put together large community garden projects.   Alex Waits, our local missionary on-the-ground,  recruits a team leader for the project and has the community put together the man-power to prep the garden.  Reach Out Honduras provides the seeds and other material needed.   The community is required to ‘give back’ by donating a portion of their harvest to poorer families.   They are also encouraged to save seeds.

Reach Out Honduras also encourages chicken raising for individual family and community projects.  Alex helps identify families and build the chicken houses.  Reach Out Honduras supplies the chickens.   The families are required to ‘give back’ by donating eggs or a few chickens to a needy family.

Other projects that fall in this category are assistance with a basket-weaving business for one special family, the Alastero family.    We dream of providing clean water solutions for individual families through education and sustainable filters.

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